What is it ?

EduAir (Formerly Kwiizi ) is the concept name to offer a better education via digital with or without the internet. Our work focuses on the design of portable and open media libraries in the form of Boxes giving access to millions of educational content and offering an integrated communication system where learners can make video calls within the local network deployed by the Box.
Our two Boxes (EduAirBox and EduAirPipeline) answer different problems depending on the environment.
The EduAirBox is designed to cover a school or a training center.
EduAirPipeline can manage and interconnect multiple institutions. See our partnership program .

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The Next generation of the simple and cool media library for offline education

Video Courses

Because the videos are a way to easily learn new things and better understand concepts, the EduAir(Box and Pipeline) has a video library that provides access to the MOOC, and other types of video courses.


Enriched textbooks at affordable prices


EduAir includes a copy of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia searchable offline.You can also put your local content in the box and manage easily. You will be able to build your digital library on measure


Learners via the Box have access to thousands of educational video contents.

Video Call

This is one of the most popular tools in the application. Users via their webcam with a microphone can communicate with each other in the network when they are online (wireless network).

Discuss and share

It is possible to receive the newsfeed of a specific class or perhaps contact some teachers. This is expected to boost the flow of information within the campus and provide a tool for efficient file sharing.. This is a part of the communication module which can be disabled if you don’t want it.

Responsive Design

On all devices get an interface optimized according to the size of your screen whether you are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Low Power consumption

Its fanless design and its technology reduce the heating temperature and reduces power consumption.


All the advantages of the EduAirBox plus...

Manage many schools simultanously

Different to the Eduairbox which manages only one school at a time, eduAirPipeline can manage several schools simultaneously and even serve as a point of communication between these different schools.

Interactive MOOC's

Issuance of certificate

After test and evaluations learners can have a certification for some accredited courses

a contribution Platform

A communication Platform

We supply devices

Dual Boots (Windows 10 & Android 6). Keyboard in Options.

  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi
  • 10.1" IPS - 1920 x 1280
  • RAM : 2 Go & 4Go - DDR3 SDRAM
  • 1 x miniprise pour casque (3,5 mm), 1 x Micro-USB, 1 x HDMI
  • microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC

Our Achievements

4+ Countries Worked With
5+ Nominations
4+ Awards Won
9999+ Cups Of Coffee

Partner program

Want to make a journey with us in your city, country or locality? Are you an association, a freelancer or an institution? Please note that you can contact us at this address to distribute Boxes.
The partnership program includes two kinds of services with different approaches depending on the need


As the name suggests you could represent us to distribute EduAirBox in your area or country without any of our agents being on the move.


The EduAirPipeline requires a presence of one of our agents on this type of partnership because the EduAirPipeline can interconnect several schools on a large scale. The PipeLinePartner is more adapted at Internet service providers or telco who can use this Box as an added value of their service in their network.

A child without education, is like a bird without wings Tibetan Proverb

Our Team

Meet the people who make awesome stuffs

Yann Nkengne

Founder and technical Manager

Raoul Fotso


Marine Staller-Ekambi

Relations and Communications

Armand Ngueti

Business development manager & IT in Education Architect

Arsene Kapnang

Brand Communication

Nicolas Gwet

Investor Relation

David Rochelet

Foundation relation

Gisèle Yitamben




Kiwix is a free software to view content from the web offline.


Node.js is an free JavaScript framework oriented network applications.


I'm the future...I'm the browser.


Building on the Best of Relational with the Innovations of NoSQL



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